Just like customer Testimonials, Trustpilot reviews are powerful in influencing customer purchasing power. The more positive reviews you have the higher the chances of attracting more customers.

Typically, the Trustpilot review platform allows customers to share their buying experiences. To leave a review, all you need is to create a free profile. Today, most companies are now inviting their customers to provide a review about their products or services. This is not only meant to improve the relationship with the target audience but also build Trust.

The good news is that the Trustpilot review website allows users to publish reviews instantly without moderation. This means customers can change the review or delete any time in case they change their mind about the review they may have left on the platform.

So far the Trustpilot platform hosts over 626,000 websites which lets users freely share their buying experiences.Based on how customers have rated your business,companies that use Trustpilot reviews  have a potential to appeal to more prospects.The good news is that consumers can flag reviews that violate the  platforms guidelines.

Before we explore how Trustpilot reviews work, here are the benefits of using Trustpilot reviews for your business.

Drives Growth

Aside from letting you collect customer feedback, Trustpilot reviews help your company not only get seen but also engage with customers. As such,  customers who have never ordered from your platform can easily make buying decisions based on the feedback left by customers. As a consequence, you are likely to get more customers and improve your growth potential.

While businesses benefit from social proof, Trustpilot reviews provide a win-win situation for both customers and businesses which is ideal in promoting growth.

Customer Insight

You can use Trustpilot reviews to collect customer insights which are important in shaping your marketing strategy. Once you understand what your customers like,you will be able to provide products and services that resonate well with the target audience.

Even though the basic version is free, the paid version comes with better features that lets users collect important insights and create customizable review invitations.

Build Trust

Trustpilot reviews have a powerful effect on customer buying decisions. This means the more positive reviews you have on Trustpilot the more potential customers are likely to purchase your products.

Once people trust your brand, they are not only likely to buy from your platform but also refer other customers. In other words, its easier for customers to buy products from a platform that has reviews than those that do not have.

Now that you  know the importance of Trustpilot reviews, here is how Trustpilot reviews work.

How Trustpilot Reviews Work

To start off with Trustpilot reviews, all you need is to create a profile on the Trustpilot platform. Although the website has a free version, users can upgrade to the paid version to access more features.

For example,you can share a link on your website that leads customers to your Trustpilot profile. This makes it easy for consumers to write reviews about their experience with your products or services. That way, customers will be able to give their opinion about your brand and help you understand what they want.

Once you write a review through the link integrated on the website, it will reflect on the Trustpilot platform. In addition to displaying the reviews so that potential customers can see, you can reply to them. That way, you can easily build trust with the target audience and improve your growth potential.


Ranging from established business entities to start-ups,  Trustpilot reviews can help unlock more opportunities for your business. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t review your own business since the reviews should be unbiased and honest to win the confidence of customers.

Should people doubt your reviews then you are unlikely to attract more customers. This will not only compromise the credibility of your brand but also hurt your reputation.