TikTok has revolutionized the way videos are made and shared. There is a global trend of short videos being created and shared, often leading to trends. Many song artists adore TikTok because their songs get hyped if used in a TikTok trend.

With a constantly rising user base in the UK, it would be unwise for any business owner to exclude TikTok from their social media marketing strategy. People just starting on the platform are often intimidated by the sheer competition and end up procrastinating over how they will establish themselves on TikTok.

If you are one of these people, don’t worry! Everyone starts from scratch, but we are here to help you get on the track to fame! Here is the ultimate guide to growing your TikTok and going from 0 to 10k followers quickly:

Know Your Audience

Before you set foot on TikTok, conduct thorough audience research to figure out who you want to target and what they want to see. Users respond to different types of content, and you must make content that your audience can relate to.

Audience research can include details on demographics, such as the age bracket of your target audience and which region they belong to. A teenager in London might like different content than a teenager in Cardiff. Similarly, the audience’s interests and what appeals to them can vary greatly.

User preferences on the type of content can be completely original or trendy dance challenge videos; figure out what works for your audience and stick to it.

Go with the Trend

One of the best ways to capitalize on TikTok is to join an ongoing trend. The TikTok algorithm tends to recognize a trend, and users who watch videos from a particular trend tend to be shown more videos of that trend.

So, if you see a trend coming up, be quick to show your take on the trend as it will help you get on the “For You” page of TikTok, which is where most users start. Getting a healthy number of engagements at the start can encourage TikTok to boost your content to other users as well.

Use Viral Sounds

Using viral sounds falls in the same category as going with a trend. Users tend to recognize the sound being used immediately, which can lead to more reach as TikTok often promotes content that is already trending to retain users on the platform.

It is said that users respond better to videos using a viral sound since they feel acclimatized to the sound. Most viral sounds are associated with a certain kind of video, so they mostly know what kind of video it will be based on the sound being used.

Make Catchy Thumbnails

Thumbnails are arguably the first thing that gets noticed by users, so it is very important to get the thumbnail on point. Some tips on creating a catchy thumbnail are using the right font type, size, and colour, along with the right keywords that show users what your video is about.

Choosing a contrasting colour layout can be a good way of capturing user attention. The vibrancy of colours used is equally important to ensure your text is legible despite the varying brightness levels of users’ mobiles.

A thumbnail that hooks users into opening the video is a huge win. Something that evokes emotions and curiosity is the epitome of perfection as viewers have a lot of options to choose from.

Stay Consistent

Posting frequency matters a lot on TikTok, following the same principle as any other social media platform. The algorithm needs to see you as an active user and content creator to promote your videos.

The recommended frequency is at least one video a day. A subtle tip on managing this is creating videos on the weekend and scheduling them to be posted throughout the next week.

This tip can be coupled with audience research, and reach can be optimized by figuring out the best time to post. Users being active when the video is posted can be a great way of catapulting the video into the air, thanks to the algorithm’s preference for videos with high engagement.

Use the Right Hashtags

Many users use hashtags to search for videos in their areas of interest. Hashtags on TikTok follow the same pattern as any other platform. Using viral hashtags or even generic ones like #fyp can aid greatly in getting your videos in front of your target audience.

Using relevant hashtags is important to ensure your video does not end up in the wrong category. Users can report any video that uses the wrong hashtags, and if it is not reported, it certainly won’t yield the results you are looking for.

It is suggested to look into hashtags currently trending. Which goes in line with the viral content tip, or to reference your competitors’ posts to see what hashtags they are using (relevant to your niche).

Keep Your Content Interesting

Content is king. In the sea of content, good content is almost always rewarded by users’ loyalty and appreciation.

Your videos should be able to grab user attention and genuinely deliver on their proposed value. The information meant to be conveyed should be done in a crisp manner that is in line with your audience’s preferences.

You can use an attention-grabbing start, which can be a suspenseful or humorous opener, again varying as per your audience’s preferences.

This can be optimized by asking the audience a question at the start of the video and answering the question in the video.

For example, Gen Z viewers who want financial advice and information often look up to TikTok creators who present the information to them in a realistic or case-based manner. This is where numerous “fin-influencers” have stepped into the realm by making videos that give financial advice by putting themselves in supposed situations.

Engage with Your Audience

The cornerstone of success on TikTok is to actively engage with your audience. Make videos about them, answer their questions in the comments, or just join the conversation in the comments! Making users feel at home, and part of a community can go a long way in increasing your following.

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Success on TikTok can be a make or break for many businesses. Many businesses attribute their overall success to TikTok fame, and that should show you why TikTok is an integral part of your social media marketing strategy.

Are you ready to take your profile to new heights? Good luck!